ITP for Civil Works & Concrete


This is an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) for Civil Works, mainly for Concrete Works.

It includes 49 Inspection Steps with all the required tests that are suitable for any concrete and civil activities.

This ITP has been used extensively in many UK Construction Projects but it is modified to adjust any project worldwide.

This ITP would satisfy any inspection requirements for any Civil Construction project BUT you must change it to the needs of your project and also add the relevant Specifications, References, Standards and other contractual requirements that may apply to your project.

You will get an Excel Spreadsheet File (.xlsx format).

NOTE 1: You would need to adjust and alter this document to suite the needs of your project and your company.

NOTE 2: This template does not include any checksheets that may need to accompany such an ITP (to be purchased separately).

Under no circumstances and Pavlos Inglesis of World Secrets Ltd can be held liable of any losses and damages occurred by the use of this document and file. This is just a template and in order to be used in a live construction project it MUST BE ALTERED to suit the needs of the specific project and contract. The Specifications, Standards and other relevant references that must be added to this Inspection and Test Plan should be unique and be suitable for that specific project that is used at.

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